Welcome to Post-Third Position Fascism. The purpose of this blog is to provide resources regarding recent permutations of Third Position and New Right fascist movements, especially in the U.S. – as well as groups that are influenced by these trends or work in alliance with them. These include, but are not limited to, groups like National-Anarchists, Attack the System, New Resistance, and others. We’ll also look at the attempts to appropriate radical left symbols and slogans by European groups like Casa Pound and the Autonomous Nationalists.

Third Position fascism is a lesser-known type of fascism that is anti-capitalist, believes in racial separatism rather than racial supremacy (and therefore can unite white and POC separatist groups in what we call reciprocal ethno-separatism), and is often interested in issues like ecology and animal rights. The origins of the Third Position lie largely in Otto Strasser’s wing of the original Nazi party. The term itself arose in the 1970s around the Italian “Nazi-Maoists.” It became influential on British groups like the National Front; Russian groups like the National Bolshevik Party; and later on U.S. groups like the Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance (WAR), the American Front, the White Order of Thule, and the National Alliance.

More recently longtime fascist activists, many of whom were involved in groups like the European Liberation Front (and the associated LCRN), have continued to develop and change their ideology. These include far right activists like Britain’s Troy Southgate, America’s James Porrazzo, and Russia’s Alexander Dugin. As right-wing monitor Chip Berlet points out, these are not just followers of similar ideas, but participants in a close-knit, international network of postwar fascists. They have developed in different directions, sometimes embracing a Eurasian superstate in opposition to liberal international capitalism, while at other times endorsing a micronational ethnic separatism and even fusing with racist, antisemitic elements of the Ron Paul wing of libertarianism. All of them deny being “fascist” – while continuing to promote the same ideas they have held for decades.

We’ll keep track of all of them, and expose their attempts at “entryism” in the left; their promotion of holocaust denial and other conspiracy theories; and their attempts to justify and endorse the White Nationalists’ supposed “right” to Jim Crow white racial separatism.

We are in opposition to white supremacy and white separatism; anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish views and conspiracy theories; patriarchy and homophobia – and to capitalism and all authoritarian forms of statist and religious rule.

You can contact us at the gmail address which is the same name as this blog. Or just leave a comment.


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